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Lab of floriculture

   The floriculture research focuses on the collection of germplasms, the breeding of new varieties, and the improvement of cultivation practices for enhancing the development and competitiveness of our flower industry. The weather in Kao-Ping area which is hot in summer and warm in winter is suitable for tropical and cut flower production. We have collected and preserved a wide variety of lines for tropical flowers such as Zingiberacea , Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum , Dendrobium , Oncidium, Renanthera, bromeliads, Anthurium, Canna, and Heliconia. These lines are used for the breeding of new varieties and the development of new cultivation technologies.

New Flower Varieties

 In ginger lily breeding, two cultivars “Kaohsiung 6” and “Kaohsiung 7” were successfully developed, by combining the aromatic and colorific characteristics through hybridization. In Anthurium breeding, two new pot varieties “Kaohsiung 1 (Happy Melody)” and “Kaohsiung 2 (Ruby)” with high ornamental value were developed. In Oncidium breeding, a new pot variety of Oncidium "Kaohsiung 1 (Pearl)" was ready for release. Furthermore, we have collected 30 varieties of Curcuma and are able to obtain their progenies through hybridization. More than 20 varieties of Renanthera spp. have been collected and were successfully used for obtaining 12 hybrids. Several promising lines for Canan have been also developed and selected by phenotypic evaluation. These progenies will be further investigated for breeding of new flower varieties with good characteristics.

Ginger Lily Kaohsiung 7   Anthurium Kaohsiung 2 Ruby   
                    Ginger Lily “Kaohsiung 7”                    Anthurium “Kaohsiung 2” (Ruby)

Oncidium Kaohsiung 1 Pearl   Canna hybrid progeny line   
           Oncidium “Kaohsiung 1” (Pearl)                           Canna hybrid progeny line

Renanthera hybrid progeny   Induce flowering of Vandaenopsis 
              Renanthera hybrid progeny                           Induce flowering of Vandaenopsis

New Cultural Practices

 Studies have been done on the improvement of cultural practices. About Anthurium culture, in addition to the investigation of the quality and yield of cut flowers under protected cultivation, was continued selecting cultivars adapted to the agricultural conditions in southern Taiwan. A new hydroponic technique, with water and fertilizers applied using a micro-irrigation system, was developed for growing high quality potted Oncidium. For accelerating the breeding procedure, the cultivation technology of Vandaenopsis hybrids has been established . To generate uniform seedlings of bromeliads, research was conducted to optimize tissue culture media and conditions .