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The Station consists of five research units (Crop Improvement Section, Crop Environment Section, Agricultural Extension Section, Chinan Branch Station, and Penghu Branch Station) and three administration units (Secretariat Office, Accounting Office, and Personnel Office). There are currently 90 staff members, including 47 researchers. 

The Crop Improvement Section is responsible for improving and developing the techniques of breeding, cultivation, processing, and post-harvest of rice, legume crops, fruit crops, and floriculture crops.

The Crop Environment Section handles the research and extension regarding plant protection, soil and fertilizer, and agricultural machinery. Agricultural Extension Section is in charge of agri-business consulting, extension and education, and the preparation of learning resources for agricultural information.

The Chinan Branch Station mainly works on vegetable crops such as sponge gourd and eggplant, focusing on the improvement of conventional cultural practices and the development of organic farming techniques.

The Penghu Branch Station is responsible for the research and extension on regional crops such as watermelon and angled loofah.




Main Station
Main Station

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