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Lab of agricultural management

   Agricultural Extension Section takes charge of agricultural management and consultation, farmer education and training, and agricultural information dissemination and communication. The overall objectives are to enhance economic vitality in rural areas and to establish a healthful, excellent, and sustainable agricultural system.

 Focusing on regionally important crops, the main tasks of the Lab. of Agricultural Management are to assist the consolidation of farmers, the establishment of farmers’ organizations, and the integration and industrialization of agricultural production-marketing groups, cooperative alliances and farmers associations. Training courses, seminars, and conferences are frequently organized for members of the farmers’ groups to upgrade their production and marketing skills. Evaluations are conducted and the production-marketing groups and farmers with outstanding performances are selected for awards and honors. To strengthen the agricultural economy, we also design and support the “central farm – satellite farms” system. A range of other services are also provided: we assist in establishing domestic fruits and vegetables brands; we hold exhibitions and promotions for agricultural products of good quality; and we offer advices on the operation and management of production-marketing groups.

Countryside demonstration workshops
Countryside demonstration workshops

National Top 10 Distinguished Farmers    Competition
 National Top 10 Distinguished Farmers   Competition

National Top 10 Distinguished Farmers Competition
  Demonstration observation of     
  pineapple self-propelled intelligent
  field operation machinery
High-quality Orchard Cultivation and  Management Contest winners
 High-quality Orchard Cultivation and   Management Contest winners