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 The biotechnology research mainly focuses on tropical flowers including gene cloning, gene transformation, micro-propagation, intergeneric hybridization, embryo rescue, and DNA marker technology for germplasm analysis.

 Five key genes for anthocyanin biosynthesis from Phalaenopsis, Oncidium and Vanda species and four key genes for carotinoids biosynthesis from Phalaenopsis, as well as several crucial genes controlling ethylene biosynthesis from Oncidium and Cattleya species have been cloned. In addition, the pollen-mediated gene transformation techniques for Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum have been developed. The technique is currently applied for modifying the floral color of Phalaenopsis and for studying the anti-aging process in Oncidium.

 Micro-propagation systems for Zingiberaceae , Anthurium, Oincidium, rose, and papaya were established. For bromeliads, Aglaonema, Ascocenda and papaya, tissue culture and propagation technique has been transferred to industry.

 With embryo rescue technique, various intergeneric plants have been obtained from hybridization of Phalaenopsis and Vanda/Ascocenda, Phalaenopsis and Aerangis/Angraecum, as well as Phalaenopsis and Rhynchostylis. Several novel orchids were obtained including Asconopsis Kdares Orange Lover, Rhynchonopsis Kdares Perfume Angel, Rhynchonopsis Kdares Perfume Beauty, Rhynchonopsis Kdares Perfume Dancer, Rhynchonopsis Kdares Perfume Pixie, and Rhynchonopsis Kdares Perfume Lemon. In addition, over sixty novel intergeneric genera were obtained, among which 5 have been raised to flowering and registered as Chouara, Chenara, Amenopsis, Linara and Jungara, respectively .

 Genetic markers are used for the identification of crops varieties. Simple sequence repeat (SSR) loci have been separately isolated from mango, Indian jujube, wax apple, and vegetable soybean, and SSR marker system have been well established after SSR loci screening.

Micropropagation of Aglaonema spp     Ascocenda seedlings from tissue culture  
     Micropropagation of Aglaonema spp          Ascocenda seedlings from tissue culture

A novel orchid Asconopsis Kdares Orange Lover derived from intergeneric hybridization     A novel genus Chouara derived_from_intergeneric_hybridization
       A novel orchid “ Asconopsis Kdares             A novel genus “Chouara” derived from
            Orange Lover ” derived from                               intergeneric hybridization
               intergeneric hybridization