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Breeding of New Anthurium Cultivar ‘Kaohsiung No.4’

Last Update: November 12, 2021

The annual production value of cut anthurium is 200 million NT dollors in Taiwan, accounting for 95% of the Japanese import volume, followed by Hawaii 3.19%, Mauritius 1.53% and Malaysia 0.47%. We have obtained novel cultivars and variety right registered by Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (KDARES), including 'Kaohsiung No. 1' and 'Kaohsiung No. 2' and 'Kaohsiung No. 3'. The flower of 'Kaohsiung No. 4' is a standard type, with annual yield of 5.6 cut stems, due to stable year round production. The spathe width was measured 12-14 cm, and the stalk length reached 50-60 cm, which meets the export specification of 50 cm or higher. The vase life is about 14-18 days in summer and 24-28 days in winter. The rapid propagation system of the new cultivar has been established by use of leaf culture and subsequent adventitious shoot regeneration. It takes only 11-12 months from the young plantlet to flowering, with a flowering rate of 50%. 



New Anthurium Cultivar ‘Kaohsiung No.4’ -1New Anthurium Cultivar ‘Kaohsiung No.4 ’ -2

New Anthurium Cultivar ‘Kaohsiung No.4’